Negash A. Asegde

Joseignacio Ramirex

Victoria Ordway & Juan Pablo Ayala



Victoria Ordway & Juan Pablo Ayala



Stemming from climate change statistics of today, Infeasible Historical Amnesia explores a hypothetical future of humankind that is projected into four narratives. Each narrative is grounded in a certain place and time, as well as in a specific climate change concern.

Take a glimpse into the future where cities are underwater and our relationship with the Earth shifts drastically.

Negash A. Asegde

Negash A. Asegde

SFAI_Vibes is a project where the vibrational data of SFAI's historic Chestnut campus was monitored using a group of contact mics.

This information was collected at different times and locations to see which places are more active at what times.

This work aimed to visualize otherwise invisible information and establish a system that's not intrusive as audio or video recording yet can still discern the amount of activity. The collected data was visualized with open source GPU particles in Unity. The particle motion and density directly correlated to level of vibrations picked up. Getting more 'excited' the more vibrations were detected.

The installation contained video and image documentation as well as a realtime component where the viewer could tap on the floor and see their input. The incredibly simple circuit was taped to the floor without any protection to demystify the creation of the work.

Meadow at 8pm, Screen Shot, 2017.

Ramp at 4pm, Screen Shot,2017.

Cafe at 1, Screen Shot, 2017.

Joseignacio Ramirez

Voice in a Box (2017), heavily depends on an audience to initiate its performance. Although this piece can serve as a singular sculpture, it is its performance and interaction which involves the audience in its performance. Without an audience the performance of this individual piece fails to serve its intended purpose, it is designed to depend on a spectator that chooses to activate the voice in the box. Although this is intended to be viewed as an individual performance and sculpture it all depend on an audience of their own to invoke individual conversations.

Ramirez's work explores humanity’s relationships through our individual experience and how we choose to interact with each other, as well as the environments around us. This experience is what define us as human beings and assist us with the process of developing our own moral values, which provide us with a guideline as to how we live our lives in the society we live in. In addition to these experiences we have, there are other variables that define our way of thinking including, television shows, billboards, magazine ads, political policies and figures, pop culture, religion, etc. Ultimately it is our experience and inexperience that help us decide what is right or wrong and through this there is a cloud that affects our judgment. These very experiences are what shape the way we treat natural environments and our interactions with societal hierarchies.

800 Chestnut St.

San Francisco,Ca