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Lorenz Ganthaler / Kaila Rose Parrish

TWR is pleased to present the first exhibition of the year with new works by Kaila Rose Parrish and Lorenz Ganthaler.


this exhibition explores subliminal, invisible, and “accidental”


"languages, often taken for granted, through sight and sound.

the deeply connected way that everything is entangled with everything else means that any act of observation makes a “cut” between what is included and excluded from what is being considered. Nothing is inherently separate from anything else, but separations are temporarily enacted so one can examine something long enough to gain knowledge about it. This view of knowledge provides a framework for thinking about how culture and habits of thought can make some things visible and other things easier to ignore or to never see.” - Karen Barad Wikipedia page on Agential Realism


800 Chestnut St.

San Francisco,Ca