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Davina Semo

Semo’s brutal abstractions are deeply rooted in the physical. There is an implied violence and danger in the slabs of spray-painted concrete and broken safety glass that make up her sculptures, but also a certain austere beauty. While these objects appear blank and impersonal— they could be confused for found objects from a construction site—Semo gives them grandiose all-caps titles that uneasily bridge the gap between humor and hysteria, thus leaving their meaning unclear. Davina Semo has had recent solo exhibitions at CAPITAL, San Francisco, Lyles & King, New York, Rawson Projects, New York, ribordy contemporary, Geneva, Marlborough Chelsea, New York, and White Flag Library, St. Louis. Semo earned a MFA in Visual Arts from the University of California, San Diego (2006), and a BA in Visual Arts and Creative Writing from Brown University, Providence, RI (2003).Semo is represented by Marlborough Chelsea in New

York, and ribordy contemporary in Geneva, CH.

800 Chestnut St.

San Francisco,Ca