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Diana Li


Carlos Medina-Diaz

Carlos Medina-Diaz

RUN is a formal exploration and attempt at exhausting modes of representing the word run, through sound, video, performance, installation and text. In RUN the performer runs through out a darkened space with flashing projections of running silhouettes and loud fragmented audio, occasionally running into the walls. The audience views the performance through windows in an enclosed space; the performance ends when the performer enters the room where the audience is and sits down to catch their breath.


Performance, installation



Diana Li

Three white men share their wisdom and skills with Baoding balls in an edited video of absurd mysticism, fetishism and commodification. In my mind, the video marks their orientalist puberty as they enter into the ripe stage of appropriative entitlement, resulting in a posted video on YouTube. All I can do is drop my own balls.

Wisdom Ambassadors



800 Chestnut St.

San Francisco,Ca